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Global Virtual Number
GVN - Global Virtual Numbers (non premium SMS)- 10 Digit Code
A Global virtual number is a 10-digit long code which works on the same concept as that of a 5-digit Shortcode. There are two major differences, when compared with a 5-digit Shortcode:
  • Non-premium SMS: The cost of SMS sent by the customers is equal to the normal cost of SMS in their respective billing plans. A Global virtual number is not a high premium SMS.
  • Global usability: A Global virtual number can also be used to carry out campaigns globally. International roamers can also participate in campaigns based on GVN.
A GVN is very important for business/corporate users who want to collect information from their partners, employees or customers. The applications are limitless but some of them include:
  • Non premium SMS campaigns - The benefit is that you can be set up in about 3-5 business days at cost much lower than having a premium SMS code.
  • Pooling (publish your dedicated number and collect opinion from your customers).
  • Marketing (giveaways, contests. In return you get consent from your customers to send them SMS advertising).
  • Medical trials (clinical trials) - ask members of the panel to SMS their results to your dedicated SMS number. Collected information goes straight into your database - for ultimate efficiency.
We can associate a virtual SMS number for you. Once this is done, all messages received by your number will be forwarded to you.
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