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Horizon’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system helps you in automating all incoming calls that are repetitive in nature. According to various research analysts, most of the inbound calls are repetitive in nature, and hence, do not require a customer service agent’s participation.
Some of such incoming calls include account information retrieval, pricing, information request/ updates, flight information, password reset, etc. The biggest benefit of our IVR system is that the call time for processing such calls is reduced to a large extent and hence enables customer service agents to respond only to new or complex issues.
Your customer service agents can attend to those customers who have specific calling purposes (as opposed to generic queries like account balances), thereby increasing your business productivity and efficiency.
Our IVR solution can be used for various industries. Given below are a few ways in which it can be useful
  • Educational Institutions
  • Automotive Sector
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Transportation Sector
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Financial Sector
IVR solution for educational institutions - colleges, schools, large-scale technical education government authorities:

Our IVR application has all the features required by any large or small educational institution. The whole IVR system can be automated thereby improving the response time. This automation will dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of the school's administrative staff while providing a flexible and cost-effective service. It is designed in such a manner that it suits best for the students, parents and teachers to be up to date with academic progress and school activities.

The system can well utilize the institution’s infrastructure without making changes to the database. By performing specific requests, it can playback the required information to the user.
Allow information and account management for:
  • Course grades
  • Student progress checkup
  • Course registration
  • School information on upcoming events
  • Absence notification
  • Homework hotline
  • Substitute teacher availability
  • Route changes for school bus
  • Conferencing for teachers and students meetings
  • Online surveys
  • Online examinations and course information
  • Conferencing students with after school help
IVR for Automotive Sector - Vehicle/ Cars manufacturers:
Our IVR system can playback relevant data to the user, based on his request.
Inbound Applications:
  • Car rental office location by postal/zip code
  • Company information line
  • Dealer location by postal/zip code
  • Repair/body shop location by postal/zip code
Outbound Applications:
  • Parts order status update
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Service reminders (oil changes, tune-ups)
  • Repair status update
Our IVR system enables automated retrieval of health related information, drug information, and live chat. Our system can be used to deliver key medical information to people in remote locations. It can be used for Routine patient enquires, thereby reducing consultation time.
Typical Applications
  • Information delivery
  • Document retrieval
  • Updates
  • Practitioner consultations
  • And my other applications
IVR solution for transportation SECTOR:
Our automated IVR services can be very well used to aid the transportation industry. Our systems can be used in many areas in the transportation industry - airlines, trucking or vehicles. The use of the real time information reduces personnel expenditures and increases productivity.
Our system can connect to a back-end database, mainframe or act as a user on an existing system. Hence, no additional equipment is needed for integration.
Applications in Transportation Sector:
  • Bus/trains schedule information
  • Bus route information
  • Carrier services
  • Information services
Trucking Services:
  • Dispatch, logistics
  • Package tracking
  • Global tracking (shipping)
  • Courier availability
Airlines Sector:
  • Flight departure/arrival information
  • Airline terminal
  • Airport rules and regulations
  • Airport information
  • Frequent fliers
IVR solution for hospitality SECTOR:
Our IVR solution for hospitality industry can be used by hotels, airlines, resorts, and other tourism based enterprises.
Typical Applications
  • Wake-up Calls: Guests can schedule their own wake-up calls.
  • Automated Concierge: Provide guests with interactive and automatic information about nearby attractions, restaurants and other areas.
  • Voice Mail: Guests can have personalized mailboxes where messages can be delivered. Reservations: Automate reservation systems for guests to view and reserve available rooms automatically
We can connect directly to a back-end database, a mainframe, or even act as a user on the existing system. By performing specific information requests, we can playback relevant data to the user.
Inbound Applications
  • Stock price updates
  • Credit unions
  • Brokers and mortgage centers
  • Credit card payments
  • Loan applications
Outbound Applications
  • Collections and accounts receivable
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Promotions
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